Thursday, October 11, 2012

in the painting

Mrs Jones lives in the village at Number 3James place.
She has many treasures in her houseand all the village comes to see her and learn from her wisdom of many things.
The village sits ideally in the English country side with cobbled streets and oil lamps to light the dark nights.The houses are made of bright white bricks from the local quarry at the other end of town on Mill street. The blue slate comes from a quarry in Thorpes nest some five miles to the north east over the other side of the Kittyhawk river  just up from Robins creek.
Children laugh and playand gather at the village square one hundred yards up for the house.
The idealic location is beautiful and the cobble streets are clean. Everybody are friends and they all help one another.
The vilage is called Rutherglenand sit on the banks of the Kittyhawk river,People gather at the weekends to fish and picnic along the banks and no one complains.
In the evenings the chimneys billow out smoke as the fires cook the evening meals.
Dogs Ruby and Polly play happily with the children,whilst Mrs Jones makes tea and scones for all whom are staying the night.
Many people wander threw and find pleasure inthe little things like the smell of fresh baked scons. The birds sing and flowers of heather that blows in the wind and the new stars on a new night.
The village of rutherglen is a happy place to live.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There is a land

There is a land  amid the ruin
Of what I once saw a new
Threw the windows of my mind
there is a land that now is lost
In time forever more

It sheds it light upon your way
and guides you with each step you take
Into a life that lives in you
Deeper than your soul

Into a world you can not see
and can not be foretold
Unfinished..... all work is by Pamela

I don't know


Green is the colour of the fields
Of harvest tea it gives its yield
Grass so green and beautiful
growing so ever plentiful

Green calms your mind
green heals your brain
If it was'nt for green 
I'd go insane

Herbs are green the colour of hope
looking at green helps you cope
Dandelions are so healing
there for the taking never stealing

green of the trees
 flowers for bees
The leaves on the plant
are here to heal
Green they are and green they feel

Green is the colour of calm
looking at it is soothing and balm
plenty of green this planet earth
brings people joy peace and mirth
Green is the colour 
of my favorite ore....


Purple is a colour
Purple is a grape
Purple is for royality
Waiting at the gate

Colour bright and beautiful
Lavender so fragrant
It calms you down
Violets are pretty
growing on the ground

Purple is the colour of true life
Purple is the colour of man and wife
Purple is the fragrant aroma
Yarns and woll make pretty things
Purple is the colour of the kings

Violet and crimson are so right
They shine forth amid a stary night
Purple hearts flame with love
Comes all from god above
Paint the canvas different hues
Purple is the colour that is not blue.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blue is the colour

 Pam's painting it is about 18" square.

Blue is the colour of the sky
Birds sing and fly so very high
Blue is the colour of a flower
Hearts aflame every hour
Blue is the colour of my mood
makes me sad and makes me brood

Blue is the colour of crimson white
blue is the colour of a stary night
Blue is the colour on my wall
of my art true and tall
Blue is the colour of the sea
where fishes live and live to be
I want to swim and want to be

But blue I am and blue I feel
nothing changes and I reel
cause blue is the colour of a peaceful mind
That not me though I find
nothing changes every day
blue is the colour the month of May

I love blue of the sky
as stars fly past we wonder why
Blue is my dog with eyes so brown
She only smiles and never frowns
Blue is the colour of bluebells
All is a flower that grows so well
they may decorate the fields
blue is the colour of there yield

A tear in my eye as blue passes by
makes you sing a lulaby
blue is the colour of the day
blue is the colour that makes me proud
in the ever madding croud

Time passes by as is not
life is short and blue a lot
blue is the colour of my bed
yes blue is blue the colour I shed
blue is blue right out my head.

Ursula the Umbrella

Urusula the umbrella

Covers you from disdain
Take her with you on the train
keeping clothes dry and neat
she cover you from suns heat
Having Urusula keeps you dry from sleet
to stop the sweat and have some fun
Always good in the sun

Hold her up when you need her cover
take me with you and discover
on a long trip to and fro
never never in the snow
in the field and on the beach
never ever far from the  reach...